Democrat’s Machinations, 12-5-13

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December 05, 2013

Letter to the Editor of the News Virginian

Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign had three huge advantages over Ken Cuccinelli in the November 5 election.

Consider that first, McAuliffe had three times the money in campaign funds to swamp the airways with one negative ad after another (no personal work experience to campaign about); second, the special campaigning by “You can keep your old plan” Barack, “What difference does it make?” Hillary, and “I never had sexual relations with that woman” Bill; and third, Sarvis running as a Libertarian was nothing more than a Democratic ploy to pull votes from Cuccinelli.

Even with all three of these factors, McAuliffe barely won by a 1 ½ percent margin!

If Hillary is really using McAuliffe’s win as a springboard to get herself into the White House, this country might be doomed after 12 years under a Democratic President.

All of us should do as much as we can now to learn and read about what is happening in Greece because that is where we are headed.

But don’t worry, my liberal and progressive friends: Once we get there, I am sure you will still do your best to blame George Bush.

Phil Klann, Waynesboro

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