New Year Email to Rep. Goodlatte, 1-3-14

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January 04, 2014

GoodlatteOn Friday, January 3rd, Ken Adams received a weekly wrap-up email from Charlie Keller, who is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Representative Robert Goodlatte.

 In the email, Charlie asked for feedback. Here is Ken’s response to Charlie.


Thank you for the Wrap-up Report. 

In your email, you asked for feedback, so I will accept your invitation and share some thoughts with you. 

    1) I am extremely optimistic that in Virginia, and around the country, 2014 will be an exceptionally strong year. I believe that we will gain a majority in the Senate, and the reign of Reid will be over. 

    2) Good signs predominate the landscape: Obama is at 41%, the healthcare scheme is a failure of biblical proportions and Democratic candidates look pitiful playing defense. 

    3) Since we may win the Senate, it would make sense to put off any immigration legislation until after the new Senators are sworn in. With majorities in both Houses of Congress, the resulting legislation would be well focused. 

    4) It is totally within Representative Boehner’s power to etch-a-sketch the winning scenario. It is reported in the Press that the Speaker will propose immigration legislation in the Spring after the primaries are over. If that happens, and the legislation – any legislation no matter how modest – passes the House, then Harry Reid and Schumer will add the Senate Bill to that legislation and send the revised Bill to Conference. Should that scenario happen, Republicans will lose their unity and probably lose their chance of attaining the majority in the Senate. 

    5) It is my hope that Congressman Goodlatte uses his influence to recommend to the Speaker to wait eight months – just eight months – for immigration Bills to be introduced. Then, we will have a Republican Congress, which is infinitely better than plunging ahead now while Harry Reid still controls the Senate. 

    Kindest regards and best wishes for the New Year, Ken Adams

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