Boehner Should Be Removed As Speaker

The Waynesboro Republicans are men and women of principle. Their goal is to defend the Constitution, with energy, courage and good humor.

February 11, 2014

 John Boehner is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the leader of the Republicans in the House.

On Tuesday, February 12th, Boehner agreed to pass another – yes, another – increase to the Debt Ceiling. By surrendering to Obama, Boehner has proven that he is not opposed to the President’s program of endless spending, financed by debt. Rather, he is a supporter of that program.

It is time for Mr. Boehner to be replaced as Speaker. In January, Republican members of the House will elect their leaders for the new session of Congress. If 15 Republicans do not vote for Boehner, the Republicans will need to choose another Representative as their leader.

The Waynesboro Republicans will support the effort to remove Mr. Boehner from his position as Speaker. He has enabled Obama’s takeover of the Federal government as exemplified by his passing this latest increase to the Debt Ceiling.

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