Juneteenth Celebration Planned for June 6th

The Waynesboro Republicans are men and women of principle. Their goal is to defend the Constitution, with energy, courage and good humor.

May 16, 2015

The Waynesboro Republicans will host a Juneteenth Celebration on June 6th. Juneteenth was the name used by African-Americans following the Civil War to commemorate the end of slavery.

It was the Republican Party that ended slavery in 1865 and it is the grassroots Republican Party today that defends the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for all Americans.

The Waynesboro Juneteenth Celebration is to recall the historical ties that bind African-Americans and Republicans together.

There will be three guest speakers.Carl Tate

Carl Tate will be the Master of Ceremonies. Carl’s photo is to the right.

Carl was born in Staunton. He received a law degree from the University of Richmond and received his B.S. from Liberty University. After graduation, he received a Presidential appointment to the Department of Commerce, serving as a data analyst.

Currently, Carl is a Sunday columnist for the Waynesboro News Virginian and the Treasurer for the Waynesboro Republican Committee.

Chuck Smith served in the Navy as an attorney for twenty years. He went on to serve as Chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Committee, then the largest single Unit in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Chuck represented the Republican Party as its nominee for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District in 2010. Smith, his wife and their five children reside in Virginia Beach where he oversees a thriving law practice.

Ron Miller is the author of Sellout: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch. Ron served in the Bush Administration in the Department of Homeland Security and the Small Business Administration.

As a married father of three, he writes columns for print and online news outlets. Ron has been featured as a commentator on numerous national radio and television programs.

The Juneteenth Celebration will be a luncheon, at the Best Western Hotel and Conference Center, in Waynesboro, on June 6th, at 11:30 am.

The cost is only $10 for adults. Children 0 – 12 are free.

To Make Reservations, please call Phyllis Hollowell at (540) 943-2959 or Sandy Adams at (540) 942-1880, or email WRinfo@lumos.net.

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