Waynesboro # 4 in Social Media Study

The Waynesboro Republicans are men and women of principle. Their goal is to defend the Constitution, with energy, courage and good humor.

September 20, 2015

The Bearing Drift website recently posted an article entitled, “Examining Digital and Social Media Efforts – Unit Committees Reviewed and Ranked.”

The article reported on an extensive study of Republican Committees use of Internet based communications and ranked the Committees according to their effectiveness. The article may be found at: http://bearingdrift.com/2015/09/19/examining-digital-and-social-media-efforts-unit-committees-reviewed-ranked/.

I am pleased to report that of the 127 Republican Units in Virginia, Waynesboro ranked # 4, and the only one in the 6th District to finish in the top ten.

Hooray for Waynesboro!

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