Recording Session for Radio Ads Held

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December 05, 2017

On Tuesday, December 5th, Lisa Shonnard and Karen Adams recorded two of the five radio ads that will air to promote the Committee’s Washington’s Birthday Breakfast.

L to R: Lisa Shonnard, Karen Adams & Brian Hopsopple

L to R: Lisa Shonnard, Karen Adams & Brian Hopsopple

The ads will be produced by Brian Holsopple, a sound-studio professional.

Brian will record two of the ads himself and Carey Roberts, our guest speaker, will record one.

The ads will run on area radio stations for three weeks beginning on January 29th.

The Committee expects about 150 people to attend the Breakfast. A reporter from the News Virginian has already said he plans to cover the event, while WHSV-TV tells us that it will send a news team.

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