Dave Brat, Waynesboro and November

The Waynesboro Republicans are men and women of principle. Their goal is to defend the Constitution, with energy, courage and good humor.

Published in the News Virginian, September 3, 2014

Dave Brat 1On June 10th, Dave Brat, a little known college professor from Randolph-Macon College defeated Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives in a Primary in the 7th Congressional District. Brat’s Primary victory stunned the political establishment and may be a harbinger of the general election that will be held on November 4th.

Following the June 10th earthquake, commentators across the political spectrum analyzed the Primary to discern the cause of Dave Brat’s victory. The New York Times summed it up best by asserting that there were three key components to the victory. They were the rejection of establishment politics, the concentration on the issue of illegal immigration, and the massive participation of grassroots voters.

Last Friday, August 29th, Dave Brat spoke at a reception in Culpeper. Now that he is the candidate from the 7th District, which encompasses the Richmond area, he is running to be elected to Congress. His message tells us why he won the Primary in June, and why he will probably win in November.

Brat began his talk by listing the four issues on which his campaign is concentrating: Unsustainable Debt, Obamacare, Illegal Immigration and Big Government.

As a Professor of Economics with a doctorate on the subject, Brat articulated the grave threat that debt poses to America. He also explained that there is a direct correlation between economic freedom and personal liberty. History confirms that where economic freedom is limited, there are limits to individual rights. Obamacare is an example of that.

On the subject of Obamacare, Brat talked about campaigning door-to door and meeting the owners of small businesses who are beside themselves about health care. Universally, business men and women said that Obamacare had increased the cost of health insurance, forcing business people to reduce health plan coverage. As costs continue to escalate, some have even had to cancel their health plans completely. And many were now saying that they may have to let employees go as the cost of business is becoming unmanageable.

Illegal immigration is a firestorm issue. The people of America want the borders sealed and the incentives for illegal immigration ended. The establishment – big business and big government – wants the borders open to provide cheap labor and Democratic voters. Illegal immigration is a smash-up confrontation between the American people and the ruling elite.

The last of Dave Brat’s four issues is Big Government. Princeton University Professor Martin Giles and Northwestern University Professor Benjamin Page recently published a study entitled “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens.” Their research looked at public attitudes on nearly 1,800 policy issues and determined that government almost always ignores the opinions of average citizens and adopts the policy preferences of big money and big business.

The study concludes that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

That’s you, Waynesboro. You have a near-zero impact on public policy, unless you elect good people to public office. People like Dave Brat.

If you care about America, if you are fearful because of the direction of the country, if you want your children and grandchildren to have a bright future, then you need to do something.

There will be an election on November 4th. The Waynesboro Republicans will be working to elect candidates who will pay down the Unsustainable Debt, repeal Obamacare, stop Illegal Immigration and reverse Big Government. But, we need your help.

We need strong hearts and willing hands to address envelopes, make telephone calls, go door-to-door, staff the headquarters and contribute funds to underwrite the activities.

We are all given opportunities to accomplish great things, not for personal gain, but because it is right and noble to do so. This is one of those opportunities.

If you are interested, you may contact us through our website, WaynesboroRepublicans.com. Or, you can Google us at Waynesboro Republicans.

Ken Adams is the Chairman of the Waynesboro Virginia Republican Committee.