What’s Ahead for the Waynesboro Republicans

The Waynesboro Republicans are men and women of principle. Their goal is to defend the Constitution, with energy, courage and good humor.

Published in the News Virginian, November 5, 2014

016The Waynesboro Republican Committee functions on a twelve-month cycle. Our year begins on the day after the November election, and our year ends on the following Election Day.

It is fitting, then, as we start our New Year, to tell you some of our plans.

On Saturday, January 10th, the Waynesboro Republicans will join with the Committees of Augusta, Staunton and Highland to sponsor Delegates Day. The four Committees will host a breakfast at Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant to send-off our Delegates as they leave for Richmond to attend the General Assembly.

Delegates Dickie Bell, Steve Landes and Ben Cline will be the honored guests.

The breakfast will be a rally, full of fun and encouragement, but at its core, it will be about very serious business. This is a must-attend event if you are thinking about joining a Republican Committee.

On Saturday, February 21st, the Waynesboro Committee will host its Annual Washington’s Birthday Breakfast. The purpose of the breakfast is to remember the greatness of George Washington and learn how his character and values have influenced America. We hope that by commemorating George Washington, people will understand the meaning of liberty and the importance of protecting it.

Our guest speaker is History Professor Sam Smith from Liberty University. Sam is an authority on Colonial and Revolutionary America, and he has crafted his talk to be readily understood by young people.

The breakfast will be an inspiring and uplifting morning. Sam will recount an episode in Washington’s life. It will be exciting history at its very best, full of real-life drama.

The men and women of the Waynesboro Republican Committee will underwrite some of the expenses so that families with children can afford to attend. This is not a fund-raiser; it is a fund-loser. Happily so.

In June, the Waynesboro Republicans will sponsor an African-American outreach event.  The event, still in the planning stage, will be different than other outreach efforts.

The Waynesboro Republicans believe that many in the African-American community believe in, support and promote the same values that we hold dear.

We believe in the right to life, and are appalled at the effect that abortion has had on the country and on the African-American community in particular.

We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect as all of us are uniquely made in the image of God.

We believe in the Founders’ vision for America: Individual Liberty, Limited Constitutional Government, the Rule of Law, Personal Responsibility and Economic Freedom.

The Waynesboro Republicans seek to rally all people who love America and what it stands for. Our message is the same to everyone. And we want to make certain that everyone hears that message.

That brings us to the summer of 2015. Political campaigns will begin for the General Assembly and the Presidential race will be in full force. The first primaries will be only six months away.

So begins the twelve-month cycle of the Waynesboro Republicans. Will you join us? It looks like it will be quite a ride.

To keep up to date on the Committee’s activities, just Google the words Waynesboro Republicans.

Ken Adams is the Chairman of the Waynesboro Virginia Republican Committee.